Protecting the eye from bleach and hair-dye

Eyes are very sensitive structures. At times, cleaning chemicals (bleach etc), when used in poorly ventilated environments, might irritate and harm the eyes. Chemical vapour exposure can be equally harmful to the eyes as splatter. Additionally, chemicals found in hair dyes pose a threat to the eyes’ health and vision.

Alkaline substance such as chlorine or ammonia products such as cleaners can damage the protective living components of cells called cell membranes. If this damage is not addressed right away, the eye and eyesight can be damages permanently.

The entry of chemicals in the eye can induce pain or a burning sensation, along with excessive tearing, redness in the eye or eyelids and blurred vision.

As a result, when using cleaning agents or hair dye, the following precautions should be taken. Instructions on the product carefully read and followed. Safety goggles should be worn. If safety goggles are unavailable, glasses or sunglasses may be used. Contact lenses should be removed before using chemicals. The area should be well ventilated. Furthermore, gloves should be worn, and yes should not be touched will hand have been thoroughly washed.

If any chemical inadvertently enters the eye then appropriate care must be taken. Eyes should not be rubbed and should be washed immediately with lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes.  The best way to do this is to get in the shower and allow the water to rinse the eyes.  Contact lenses should not be removed at this point. The lids should be pulled up and down while flushing and one should look in all directions. Once the eyes have been appropriately flushed, then the contacts may be removed and the doctor should be visited at once. pull the lids up and down and look in all directions.

Tens of thousands of people visit the emergency room each year due to eye damage from chemical burns. Careful use of cleaning agents and hair dyes will prevent damage to the eyes from these harmful agents.

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