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    Corneal Transplant Surgery in Karachi

    The cornea is the uppermost layer of the eye. It is a clear, transparent dome or lens shaped mass that refracts and focuses light back onto the retina, for clarity of vision. Damage to the cornea, whether due to eye disease, infection or injury, may result in cornea losing its Read More…

    Dr Syeda Aisha Bokhari specialist for children with cataracts

    Dr Syeda Aisha Bokhari is a well-established ophthalmologist eye specialist who has been trained in both  the U.K as well as in Pakistan and is adept at dealing with eye problems in children as well as in adults. She practices at The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates, Read More…

    Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

    Glaucoma Surgery Eye Center Karachi

    Glaucoma is a complex condition, generally characterized by increased intraocular pressure (IOP). It results in progressive damage to the optic nerve and associated loss of vision. Glaucoma surgery aims to reduce IOP and preserve your eyesight in one of two broad ways: By facilitating better drainage of ocular fluid called Read More…

    Glaucoma Specialist in Karachi

    How often do I need to see my eye specialist or glaucoma specialist if I have glaucoma? Glaucoma is a chronic disease that requires lifetime management. After you have had a complete eye examination and you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, you will realize that you will be managed like Read More…

    Glaucoma Testing in Pakistan

    What kind of glaucoma testing is available for patients in Karachi, Pakistan? At The Eye Center, we offer the complete range of diagnostic tests used in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Several tests are available to appropriately diagnose and follow patients with glaucoma. The right kind of testing and Read More…

    Lasik – Laser Eye Surgery

    The Eye Centre uses Femtosecond and other lasers for the correction of refractive error or the need to remove spectacles. We have an Oculus Pentacam HD onsite to evaluate patients using Scheimpflug imaging to help ensure adherence to best possible practice patterns and best possible outcomes. The Eye Centre also Read More…

    Eye Surgery

    The Eye Centre provides the entire spectrum of paediatric and adult eye care including common as well as extremely complex eye surgical procedures. We have a dedicated state of the art operating suite with full anaesthesia back up. We are equipped to provide both anterior segment and posterior segment surgical Read More…


    The Eye Centre with its team of dedicated and experienced ophthalmologists provides consultations and treatment within the office six days a week. We remain closed on Sundays.

    If you Have Any Questions, please Call Us On: 0302-8291799 0300-8933377 0300-0822218 021-35836713