Cornea Transplants

The cornea is the front, transparent covering of the human eye. Light must pass through the cornea to come to a point of focus at the retina hence enabling the formation of a clear and focused image. Corneal transplants are one of the most well accepted transplants in the human body. The donor corneal tissue is received pre-tested for quality and absence of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C and any other infections from world recognized eye banks to be transplanted at the time of the operation. Corneal transplantation may be done in a variety of conditions such as corneal decompensation or swelling after injury or complex eye surgery resulting in a cornea that is not clear and hence does not permit the obstructed passage of light. Corneal transplantation can also be done for inborn problems such as corneal dystrophies, scarring due to previous infections, irregularities or ectasias such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, keratoglobus and other problems that lead to a cloudy or opaque cornea.

At The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates, we have four corneal transplant surgeons who are counted amongst the best eye specialists and corneal transplant surgeons in the country. We take pride in offering excellent pre operative, surgical and post operative care for our patients in a safe, purpose built and comfortable environment. We are associated with the most reputable eye banks in the world that help us acquire the best possible donor tissue for our patients.
Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry, who is one of our four corneal specialists and transplant surgeons has extensive experience in pediatric and adult corneal transplantations and has trained in the United Kingdom where he received his FRCS and has practiced in Pakistan for over 20 years. He has been the receipt of teaching awards and has been recognized by the Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan for his service to Ophthalmology.
To make an appointment with Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry, please contact The Eye Center at 0304 1119544, 0302 8291799, 0300 893 3377, 0300 0822218, 021 35836713 or through our we portal at


Keratoglobus with a highly irrregular cornea. Photograph Credit Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry


Corneal transplant by Dr. Tanveer Chaudhry. One month week post surgery with all sutures intact


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