Dr. S. Aisha BokhariDr Syeda Aisha Bokhari is a well-established ophthalmologist eye specialist who has been trained in both  the U.K as well as in Pakistan and is adept at dealing with eye problems in children as well as in adults. She practices at The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates, where some of the best and most experienced eye specialists in Karachi work as a group to attend to the most serious eye problems. Dr. Aisha Bokhari’s expertise includes both medical and surgical problems of the eye. We asked her to help address common areas of concerns for parents who may have children with cataracts.


What do we do if a cataract is diagnosed in our child?

Children of any age can be diagnosed with a cataract. Congenital cataract means a cloudy or white lens present at birth. Pediatric cataracts can be diagnosed at any time in a child’s growing years. A cataract in a child’s eye can impact vision depending on its density and location within the lens of the eye. The changes in the lens, can be present at birth or develop subsequently. They may appear to remain stationary or may progress and become larger. This clouding or opacification in what is meant to be an otherwise clear lens can, if left untreated, permanently impact a child’s vision and cause difficulty with visual tasks.

Cataracts in childhood, if significant, need to be removed. There are no medications available anywhere in the world that can dissolve or reverse a cataract. Eye surgery is performed to accomplish this delicate task. In children, cataract surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Often this is just a day surgical procedure and the child is not in any pain at any point in time and back home resting comfortably by the same evening. The doctor who is to take care of your child must specialize in eye surgery and have adequate experience in pediatric eye surgery. She will first examine the child, the child’s eye and take several measurements so that an appropriate new lens can be implanted once the original lens will be removed. Then by way of a very small incision, the cataract is removed and the new lens is placed inside the eye. Usually, no sutures or stitches are required, but sometimes if needed a sutures may be placed temporarily to enhance safety for the child. Neither the procedure, nor the follow up is in any way painful. You can rest assured your child will be comfortable and well taken care of at all times. Follow up will continue after the surgery so spectacles if needed can be given to your child to help optimize eyesight to the highest level possible for the child.

Since some children who have cataracts have other co-existing eye diseases, it is really optimal to have a team of best and most experienced eye specialists in Karachi with expertise in different sub-specialties available to participate, if needed, in the care of your child. This type of care makes all the difference to gaing the best possible outcomes.

Dr Syeda Aisha Bokhari has a vast experience in performing cataract surgery in children of all ages. She is available at The Eye Center situated across from South City Hospital, Karachi for consultation. Should you or anyone you know require treatment for cataracts in children, please contact us for an appointment with Dr. Aisha Bokhari at The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates at 03028291799, 03008933377, 03000822218 or 021 35836713 

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