Entropion is a condition when your eyelid turns inward, rubbing your skin and eyelashes on the eye surface. This causes irritation and discomfort.

When you have entropion, your eyelid may be turned in all the time or only when you blink hard or squeeze your eyelids shut. Entropion often only affects the lower eyelid and is more prevalent in older persons.

The friction between your eyelashes and outer eyelid and the surface of your eye causes the signs and symptoms of entropion. You may feel that something is in your eye, eye redness, eye irritation or pain, sensitivity to light and wind, watery eyes (excessive tearing) and mucous discharge and eyelid crusting are all symptoms of entropion.

Entropion symptoms can be reduced with the aid of artificial tears and lubricating creams. However, surgery is frequently required to entirely treat the disease. Entropion can harm your cornea, infect your eyes, and impair your eyesight if it is not treated. It can also damage the translucent covering that covers the front of your eye.

Entropion can be caused by muscle weakness, scars or previous surgeries, eye infection, inflammation and developmental complication. 

Your chances of developing the disease increase with age. Moreover, the scar tissue that results from a burn or other facial injury may increase your risk of developing entropion. People who have had trachoma are more likely to develop entropion because this infection can leave scars on the inner eyelids.

The most significant entropion-related consequences that can result in irreversible vision loss are corneal irritation and damage.

Entropion can rarely be stopped. The trachoma infection-related kind might be prevented. After visiting a region where trachoma infection is widespread, if your eyes start to become red and itchy, get checked out and treated right away.

The method of treatment is determined by the cause of your entropion. There are nonsurgical options available to manage symptoms and safeguard your eye.

As you treat the inflamed or infected eye, your eyelid may return to its natural alignment when active inflammation or infection results in entropion (spastic entropion). Entropion, however, could continue even after the other problem has been addressed if tissue scarring has taken place.

In most cases, surgery is necessary to totally treat entropion, however temporary solutions may be helpful if you can not tolerate surgery or have to put it off.

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