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    Mr. Hasnain Premjee

    Mr. Hasnain Premjee has been the Head of Operations at The Eye Centre at South City Hospital from its very inception in 2011. Mr. Premjee oversees the provision of medical, diagnostic and surgical services for The Eye Centre and acts as a focal point for liaison between all six eye specialists who provide eye care services at South City Hospital.

    Mr. Premjee is also instrumental in supervising and overseeing all of the administrative issues pertaining to The Eye Centre. In addition to his many responsibilities he remains a most valuable resource for clinicians and patients alike.

    Mr. Premjee has maintained a special interest in the provision of ethical, state-of-art eye care services for patients seeking treatment in both routine and complex care.

    He has brought to The Eye Centre a wide variety of skills from his twenty years of experience and previous involvement in the non-health care sector. Mr. Premjee continues to remain involved in several philanthropic organizations providing education and health for the less privileged.