What are Cataracts?
If you have a cataract that means your natural lens has become cloudy or foggy.
You may be experiencing blurring of vision just like looking through a dirty windshield of your

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What Are Cataracts? - American Academy of Ophthalmology

How do I know I have Cataract?
You may be developing a cataract if you are experiencing the following changes in your vision
Colors start appearing dull or even faded
You have become sensitive to light, especially oncoming car head lights
ou experience double vision at times
Trouble reading text even with your near glasses

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Why am I developing a Cataract?
Cataracts develop as a result of routine ageing processes going on inside the lens of your eye.
These ageing processes usually start around 40 years of age and you might start getting trouble
with vision when nearing 60’s
You might develop cataract early if you have the following
Previous eye trauma
Excessive sunlight exposure or UV light exposure
Using steroids
How can I protect myself and slow down the Cataract formation?
Protect your eyes from sunlight and UV exposure, wear sunglasses
Control diabetes
Quit smoking
Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Regular eye checks with your eye specialist

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