Glaucoma is of many different types. Depending on the type of glaucoma your eye doctor or eye specialist and surgeon will determine what is the best type of treatment for you. Surgery is often not the first step in the treatment of glaucoma however in situations where medications or lasers do not work surgery is indeed critical for saving a patient eyesight’s eyesight from being lost irreversibly. To help get the best possible care you should see the best eye specialists in Karachi who are sub-specialty trained and experienced in the care of glaucoma. These are known as glaucoma specialists who have specialized training and skill in diagnosing and treating all forms of glaucoma.

 Glaucoma is very often easily explained as pressure inside the eye. A specialized fluid called aqueous humor is constantly produced by the eye and which also constantly exits the eye creates a pressure value known as intraocular pressure. This imbalance in this production versus exit leads to an overinflation of the eyeball which in turn leads to building up of intraocular pressure within the eye which in turn causes damage to the optic nerve. Damage to the optic nerve is like damaging the main cable in a computer monitor or a television screen and without a well-functioning cable, a image or picture cannot be received or interpreted by the brain as it should ordinarily appear to be.

Many of the modern medications now available for glaucoma are given as in the form of eye drops. This is not because eye drops are a milder form of the medication but because eye drops tend to be instilled exactly at the location where maximum effect and benefit is needed. By using eye drops directly to the eye, you bypass the chance of experiencing any side effects all over the rest of the body which would have been the case anti- glaucoma medicines they been used orally. In certain circumstances a laser is indeed very helpful in the care of glaucoma. Should medications not work, or should the patient be experiencing side effects that make medications intolerable or should they interfere with other medications that the patient needs to use, then surgery can certainly be used as a safe, effective and viable option.

There are several different kinds of surgery which are available which includes minimally invasive or micro invasive glaucoma surgery, which is known as MIGS, trabeculectomy, glaucoma drainage devices or glaucoma valves, cyclo-destructive procedures and combinations of different procedures as well. While it is important to have options it is also important to try to access these options in safe and experienced hands. The Eye Center, Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates has nine of the best eye specialists in Karachi practicing together in a purpose-built facility dedicated entirely to diagnostic, medical and surgical eye care. Our glaucoma specialist has the best diagnostic facilities and over twenty years of experience available to help in the management of glaucoma patients. At the eye center we offer the entire array of glaucoma treatments, laser and operations individualizing glaucoma care to result in the best possible benefit to each one of our patients. Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah is an American trained glaucoma specialist practicing at The Eye Center which she founded and sees patient with her eight other exceptionally skilled colleagues. She has a rich experience of treating pediatric and glaucoma patients whether they are pediatric or adult. Dr. Mahnaz Shah is considered as one of the best eye specialists in Karachi and provides consulting and surgical services at The Eye Center. Should you need to make an appointment please call 0304-111-9544 or reach us though our appointment portal on our website at

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