A rare form of uveitis called sympathetic ophthalmia results in the formation of tiny aberrant cell clusters called granulomas. This condition develops in the unharmed eye following surgery on the other (harmed) eye or a penetrating injury (such as when a pencil, pen, or stick punctures the eye). The unharmed eye’s uveal tract eventually gets irritated. In 80% of cases, uveitis develops 2 to 12 weeks after an injury or surgery. Very rarely, 30 years or more after the initial injury or surgery can pass before sympathetic ophthalmia develops.

There are still some unknowns regarding sympathetic ophthalmia’s causation. Many medical professionals believe that the immune system of the body is malfunctioning as a result of the body attacking the healthy uveal tract.

Floaters and loss of vision are typical signs of sympathetic ophthalmia.

A thorough eye exam, any recent eye surgery or injuries, and the presence of inflammation in both eyes are used by doctors to make the diagnosis of sympathetic ophthalmia.

Corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and occasionally excision of the injured eye are used to treat sympathetic ophthalmia. Corticosteroids must be taken orally, and immunosuppressants are another type of long-term immunosuppressive medication.

To reduce the possibility of sympathetic ophthalmia developing in the unaffected eye, surgeons will occasionally remove a badly wounded eye within two weeks of vision loss. However, the removal treatment is only carried out when the afflicted eye has completely lost its vision and there is no possibility that it will recover.

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