Who should I consult if I feel like my eyesight is getting weaker?

The human eye, while small in size is an extremely complex system designed by nature and is composed of many different sub structures. Hundreds of thousands of different diseases can cause a reduction in vision or eye sight.

To be diagnosed properly, it i important you seek the expertise of the best eye specialists in Karachi. These trained doctors who are highly specialized in the medical and surgical care of the eye are able to guide and provide you the best treatment options that are most suitable for you.

At The Eye Center, Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates, our group of nine highly skillful and sub speciality trained ophthalmologists who are considered to be amongst the best eye specialists in Karachi practice in a state of the art eye care facility where patients of all age groups, as well as patients with special mobility or health needs can be treated safely and effectively.

For our group of nine eye ophthalmologists being considered amongst the best eye specialists of Karachi is not enough. Our doctors work hard every day to consistently improve the treatment options we provide to our patients in a safe and comfortable environment. We understand how deeply the threat of vision loss affects patients and their families and we are always available to address both our patients as well as their loved ones health needs as well as their emotional concerns related to their eye disease.

We take the trust our patients place in us very seriously and value the opportunity to participate and partner in their care. 

Should you or a loved one need diagnosis or treatment of vision loss, please contact us by phone at 0304 111 9544, 03028291799 or through our appointment request portal on our website at www.surgicaleyecenter.org

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