The crucial connection between the eye and the brain, the optic nerve, is gradually harmed by glaucoma. Typically, glaucoma patients have vision loss prior to any eye issues. However, many people do not even notice they have glaucoma.

Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most prevalent form of the disease. When eye fluid known as aqueous does not drain properly, this occurs. Increased internal pressure harms the visual nerve. You will probably not notice changes in your vision immediately away because this type of glaucoma typically affects your peripheral vision (side vision) first. However, you will gradually lose your central vision and experience vision problems.

Unfortunately, any vision loss brought on by glaucoma cannot be recovered. Additionally, ophthalmologists are unsure of how to prevent glaucoma from starting in the first place. However, there are ways to avoid glaucoma’s catastrophic vision loss and eventual blindness. Regular eye exams play a big role in saving sight!

You should schedule routine eye exams with your ophthalmologist if you are at risk for glaucoma. Early detection of the condition allows for monitoring and treatment. It is equally crucial to take your glaucoma medications precisely as prescribed by your doctor.

In particular if you have glaucoma, taking steroids frequently or in high dosages can cause your eye pressure to rise. The most likely sources of steroids to increase eye pressure are oral steroids and topical steroids applied to the eyes. If you use any form of steroid, you should always let your eye doctor know.

In some select situations ocular or eye  pressure can increase as a result of intense exercise that increases heart rate. However, brisk walking and regular, moderate-intensity exercise can lower eye pressure and enhance your general health. If you do heavy weight lifting and do prolonged head down positions during Yoga or exercise, ask a trained professional to demonstrate proper breathing techniques so you do not hold your breath unnecessarily. Also remember to mention these activities to your glaucoma specialist

Glaucoma can result from eye damage. When playing sports or working on your house and yard, always wear safety glasses.

Avoid putting your head below your heart for long periods of time if you have glaucoma or are at high risk of developing the condition. For back pain, this involves avoiding inversion tables and gravity boots. Your eye pressure might significantly increase in head-down situations. Some persons who have acute glaucoma may need to stay away from specific yoga poses. If you need to avoid exercising with your head down, consult your doctor.

Avoid sleeping with your eye on your arm or against a pillow if you have glaucoma. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients run the risk of developing glaucoma or other more serious conditions. Get checked for OSA if you frequently stop breathing during the night or snort loudly.

Some data suggests that certain types of glaucoma may be brought on by the sun’s Ultraviolet radiation. When outdoors, use a hat and a good pair of polarised sunglasses.

Recent studies link glaucoma-related optic nerve damage to gum disease. You should frequently visit your dentist and brush and floss your teeth.

During sleep, if your blood pressure falls too low, glaucoma damage may develop. Tell your ophthalmologist if you use blood pressure medication at night or if you experience signs of low blood pressure, such as feeling dizzy. They can speak with your primary care physician about this. Changing your blood pressure medication on your own is not advised.

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