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    Our Blog


    Child Eye Care And Examinations in Karachi

    Child eye care and examinations According to the WHO, around 19 million children worldwide suffer with visual impairment. The eyes develop very rapidly, meaning that any underlying children’s eye health issues can escalate fast. Timely detection and treatment of any childhood eye disease can prevent serious complications including irreparable total Read More…

    Corneal Transplant Surgery in Karachi

    The cornea is the uppermost layer of the eye. It is a clear, transparent dome or lens shaped mass that refracts and focuses light back onto the retina, for clarity of vision. Damage to the cornea, whether due to eye disease, infection or injury, may result in cornea losing its Read More…

    Dr Syeda Aisha Bokhari specialist for children with cataracts

    Dr Syeda Aisha Bokhari is a well-established ophthalmologist eye specialist who has been trained in both  the U.K as well as in Pakistan and is adept at dealing with eye problems in children as well as in adults. She practices at The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates, Read More…

    What Should You Expect As Part Of A Good Eye Exam?

    A comprehensive eye examination by a qualified eye specialist is a necessary component of taking care of your eyes. In a comprehensive eye examination not only is your eye sight checked but a expert examination is carried out paying attention to each layer and structure within the human eye. When Read More…

    Macular Degeneration Treatment in Karachi

    The macula is the part of the retina responsible for central vision, i.e. the vision required for detailed frontal focus, for activities such as reading, driving, watching TV and face recognition. Macular Degeneration is a progressive atrophy of the layers of this central part of the retina. Though often referred Read More…

    Can COVID-19 Cause Conjunctivitis

    COVID-19 had been by far the deadliest pandemic of present times. This is the only type of Coronavirus infection that has been known to present with eye findings such as conjunctivits as its first feature or later in the course of the disease as one of its many signs.  Since Read More…

    Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

    Glaucoma Surgery Eye Center Karachi

    Glaucoma is a complex condition, generally characterized by increased intraocular pressure (IOP). It results in progressive damage to the optic nerve and associated loss of vision. Glaucoma surgery aims to reduce IOP and preserve your eyesight in one of two broad ways: By facilitating better drainage of ocular fluid called Read More…

    Can abnormal pigment release in the eye cause pigmentary glaucoma?

    Pigmentary glaucoma is a relatively common secondary glaucoma found in young adults. It is called secondary as it is due to or secondary to another condition, which in this case is an excessive release of pigment in the front chamber or anterior segment of the eye. This condition occurs mostly Read More…

    Corneal Hysteresis- New in the understanding and treatment of glaucoma

    The cornea is the front clear dome shaped structure in the eye. This structure has thickness to it and it is through this structure that we measure the pressure inside the eye known as intraocular pressure. Corneal Hysteresis (CH) is an assessment of the cornea’s ability to absorb and dissipate energy Read More…

    Glaucoma Specialist in Karachi

    How often do I need to see my eye specialist or glaucoma specialist if I have glaucoma? Glaucoma is a chronic disease that requires lifetime management. After you have had a complete eye examination and you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, you will realize that you will be managed like Read More…

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