At The Eye Center we provide clinical and surgical expertise in all areas of subspecialty eye care. Or nine general and sub-specialist  ophthalmologists have been extensively trained and experienced in providing a diverse array of routine and complex treatment to adults as well as to children.  Our eye specialists & eye surgeons are counted amongst the best within the city and are considered well recognised experts within their respective areas of subspecialty interests all over Pakistan. Our nine eye specialist share the same medical record for the patients who have been seen  at The Eye Center and have access to all digital imaging that has been carried out for a particular patient. This makes it far more convenient for a patients who are seeing us for complex clinical care to have a continuous follow-up and have that follow-up documented within the medical records. Should any of the doctors be unavailable at the time of an emergency, others doctors within our team communicate with the primary ophthalmologist for that patient hence ensuring uninterrupted and optimal care.