•  You arrive for your appointment
  •  We will ask you to fill out a demographic form
  •  Your spectacle prescription will be checked
  •  A technician will take a basic history, check your spectacles
  •  If needed drops will be given to dilate your pupils
  • You will see your doctor who will undertake documentation or tests
  • You will either be treated the same day or if the test results will take time, a follow-up appointment will be           scheduled
  • Most treatments take place the same day
  •     Please bring a pair of sunglasses with you as you might find your eyes more sensitive to bright light due to        dilated pupils, for a few hours following the examination.


For your Eye Care

Whether you are driving, working at a computer or simply sun-bathing, it is so easy to take your eyes for granted. We need to think about eye care.

Here’s a selection of eye care brochures – – simply click on the title of each article to download the PDF. We hope you will find the information useful and relevant.


Glaucoma & You – Understanding the risks & options


Glaucoma Patient Checklist – Glaucoma affects approximately


Understanding Glaucoma – A history of education and innovation


How to instill your eye drops – Improve your technique in 5 simple steps


High Eye Pressure – What you should know. A brief introduction


What’s your pressure? – Elevated IOP , a risk factor for developing glaucoma