At The Eye Center, our nine extremely well trained and highly experienced eye specialists and eye surgeons provide the complete range of laser and surgical eye procedures. We have a fully equipped operating suite that is dedicated to only eye surgeries and is maintained using the highest standards of sterilisation and according to the strictest  international safety protocols.

We are fully equipped with a anterior ( cataract, cornea, refractive lens options, anterior segment surgery), posterior segment (retina and vitreous), trauma, strabismus and ocluloplastic surgery set up.

All patients and any attendants who may be accompanying the patient are adequately pre-screened for covid as to maintain a safe and covid free environment. All technical staff, nursing staff and all doctors are fully vaccinated and undergo periodic PCR testing. Adherence to well thought out covid SOP’s ensure safety for patients and medical staff alike and assist in providing optimal surgical care to all our patients.