The term “black eye” refers to bruising around the eye caused by a head or face injury. Blood and other fluids build up in the area around the eye, resulting in tissue swelling and dark bruises.

The skin surrounding the eye, which is very loose, is one of the first areas to enlarge as fluid accumulates when there is trauma or damage to the face. Although the name “black eye” would indicate otherwise, the eye itself is usually not injured. Many black eyes heal on their own in a few days.

A black eye, however, might also indicate a more severe injury. If there is bleeding inside the eye, for instance, that is known as a hyphema and should be checked for if you see a black eye. Your cornea (the front clear window of the eye) and your vision may be impacted. If untreated, increased pressure inside the eyeball can happen in some types of face or eye trauma, harming the eye and eyesight. After a head injury, both eyes turning black may indicate a skull fracture or another catastrophic injury.

It is crucial to distinguish between black eye symptoms and those that could point to a more severe head injury after an eye injury. In the case you experience decreased vision it is best to reach out to a doctor.

Black eye symptoms might include pain and swelling around the eye, which may start out mildly before getting worse. Swelling and dis-coloration (like a bruise) around the eye may make it difficult to open. Vision may become blurry when the skin surrounding the eyes darkens from red to purple, yellow, green, or even black.

The standard course of treatment for a black eye that does not entail more significant symptoms is at-home self-care. The first day after surgery, an ice pack can be placed over the eye for 15-20 minutes at a time, once per hour, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Frozen veggies in a bag or ice cubes wrapped in fabric can be used as an alternative to an ice pack if one is not accessible (to avoid freezing the skin).  

Lastly, make sure to protect the afflicted eye or eyes from additional harm. Till the eye has recovered, stay away from sports and other similar activities where the eye could be hit.

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