If you do not properly clean, disinfect, and store your contact lenses, you could develop a dangerous eye infection. Pay close attention to the directions given by your eye doctor.

Your eye can become scratched by contact lenses that are too old or don’t fit properly. They can also result in blood vessels growing into your cornea, a risky disease that impairs your ability to see.

Your contact lenses may experience issues if you use eye drops. When using contacts, it is preferable to avoid applying any form of eye drop. However, if your eye doctor advises it, you should use lubricating drops without preservatives or wetting drops.

If your eyes are extremely red, painful, watery, or sensitive to light, take out your contacts and make an urgent call to your eye doctor. If your eyesight is fuzzy or you see oozing or pus coming from your eye, follow the same procedure. These could be signs of more severe eye issues.

Any contact lens you take out of your eye must be cleaned and steriled before being reinserted. Cleaning systems come in a wide variety. The option you choose will depend on the type of lens you wear, any sensitivities you may have, and whether or not your eyes frequently develop protein deposits. Inquire with your eye doctor about the best cleaning agents to use.

Take special care to clean and store your lenses correctly to avoid dangerous eye infections. Follow the instructions your eye doctor provides you regarding how often to wear and replace your lenses.

To clean and store your lenses, follow by the instructions provided by your doctor, the producer of your contacts, and the producer of the lens cleaning solution. Read your instructions to determine whether you need to re-disinfect your lenses before wearing them if you store them in the case for an extended period of time. If your contact lenses have been stored for 30 days or more without being re-disinfected, never wear them.

Keep your scheduled eye exams. Over time, contact lenses may warp, and your cornea may alter shape. Visit your eye doctor frequently to ensure that your lenses fit correctly and that the prescription is appropriate for you. Moreover, do not shower, swim, use a hot tub or doing anything where water gets in your eyes when wearing contacts. Water and contacts don’t mix. Furthermore, do not sleep in daily wear lenses.

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