Entropion is the condition in which the lower or upper lid margin may turn inwards, resulting in eyelashes brushing against the inside of the eye and irritating the cornea. This may cause pain, watering, redness, photophobia, infection, and in long-standing severe cases the infection may lead to ulcer and perforation (hole in the eye). There is no particular age for this condition, children may also be affected by it, though not as frequently as adults.
Malposition or abnormal position of the eyelids is seen more commonly in adults/elderly due to loose periocular muscle and skin. The laxity of the muscle and skin may cause the lid margin to roll over into the eye.

You will be prescribed eye drops to ease your eye pain or any infection. But the permanent solution is surgical correction to assure that the lid margin is kept in the correct position. Your doctor may prescribe eye lubricants to further enhance stour comfort. Once the lid margin is realigned you will feel much more comfortable with its lasting effect.

Author Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari
Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Anterior segment & Oculoplastic surgeon at The Eye Center & South City Hospital, Karachi. She has expertise in Pediatric and Adult ophthalmology including cataract surgery, strabismus (squint) surgery, oculoplastics, aesthetic or cosmetic surgery and trauma repair. She is exceptionally well trained in a vast array of micro surgical ocular procedures, including phacoemulsification, cornea and refractive surgery and other anterior segment surgeries.With a special interest in oculoplastics, she has clinical expertise in peri-ocular cosmesis, including Botox injections for upper face conditions such as frown lines, crows feet, hemifacial spasms.Dr. Bokhari holds a Fellowship in Ophthalmology from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (United Kingdom).

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