If a foreign object such as metal, piece of glass, nail, a fishhook or pencil tip penetrates your eye, visit the eye specialist and if an eye specialist is not available then visit the emergency room/urgent care center right away. You could cause even more injury to your eye if you attempt to remove the object yourself or if you rub your eye. If possible, try loosely taping an eye shield over your eye for protection; then seek help.

Your eye also may have corneal foreign bodies that are small, sharp pieces of a substance (usually metal) that have become embedded in the eye’s surface (cornea), but have not penetrated into the interior of the eye. This can be handled in the doctor’s office. If a deeper injury has occurred or a foreign object has entered inside the eye, it will require you being taken to the operation theatre where the foreign object will be removed under optimal and controlled circumstances.

Metal foreign bodies can quickly form a rust ring and a significant scar. Your eye doctor should remove these foreign bodies as soon as possible.

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