A medication called Plaquenil (hydrochloroquine sulphate) is used to treat several autoimmune disorders. When the body’s immune system targets its own healthy tissue, a disease of this type develops. Plaquenil is used to treat a number of illnesses, including Systemic Lupus Erythmatosis (SLE), Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome.

SLE manifests as fever, rashes, skin issues, and other symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis, is a disease that makes your hands and feet’s joints hurt and swell. Sjögren’s syndrome, results in dry mouth and eyes. Plaquenil lowers your immune system’s ability to cause inflammation. This can help control symptoms like rashes, skin and mouth sores and joint pain.

Damage to the retina of the eye is an uncommon adverse effect of  Plaquenil. The tissue in the back of the eye that is light-sensitive is called the retina. Long-term Plaquenil use may injure the retina and result in significant vision loss.

At first, people who have had Plaquenil damage to their retina are unaware that they are losing their vision. Unfortunately, Plaquenil might cause permanent visual loss. Hence, it is crucial to schedule routine appointments with an ophthalmologist if you use Plaquenil.

Some Plaquenil users are more likely than others to get retinal injury. They include those who have been taking Plaquenil for five years or longer, those who have taken it at higher doses than is advised, those who already have retinal disease, those who already have kidney or liver disease, those who are over 60, and those who experience significant weight loss while taking Plaquenil. If this occurs, let your doctor know because your dose could need to be decreased.

Your primary care physician or an expert in inflammatory diseases will be advised to promptly stop Plaquenil treatment if your ophthalmologist discovers any indications of retinal damage. You can prevent permanent vision loss by doing this. Your alternate physician will discover an alternative cure for your illness.

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