Dr. Uzma Naz is a fellowship trained Uveitis Consultant and Eye Surgeon with post graduate qualifications of MCPS, MRCS ( Glasgow), Fellowship in Uveitis and Ocular Inflammatory Diseases at the very prestigious Moran Eye Center, in Utah, USA.
Uveitis is a complex and potentially serious condition that affects the urea, the middle layer of the eye that contains many blood vessels and plays a critical role in vision. A uveitis specialist is a medical Doctor, an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon by training who has undergone specialized training in the diagnosis and management of uveitis, as well as other inflammatory
disorders of the eye.

Uveitis specialists are experts in identifying and treating the various types of uveitis including anterior, intermediate, posterior and pan-uveitis. Uveitis specialists work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that may include medications, injections or surgery, dependent on the severity and underlying cause of the condition.

In addition to treating uveitis, uveitis specialists may also manage other related conditions such as scleritis, keratitis, and iritis as well as many others. They work in close collaboration and together with other eye care professionals including other ophthalmologists and
rheumatologists to ensure that patients receive the absolute best care possible and receive comprehensive care for their condition. Uveitis specialists are skilled in the treatment of complicated cataracts and other eye conditions that can often be caused by inflammation in
the eye.

With her their extensive specialty training and expertise, Dr. Uzma Naz, our uveitis specialist play a critical role in preserving and restoring vision for individuals with inflammatory eye disorders. Dr. Uzma Naz is committed to staying up to date with the latest research and advancements within the field of uveitis to provide her patients with the most advanced and effective treatments available. Dr. Uzma Naz is particularly skilled at doing routine and complex cataract surgery as difficult to manage cataracts are often seen in patients who have longstanding uveitis.

For an appointment with Dr. Uzma Naz, please call The Eye clinic at any one of our numbers through the main switchboard at 03041119544 or at any of our other mobile or landlines +923008933377, +923028291799, +9230008222218 and 02135836713. You can also leave a WhatsApp message at these numbers for our team and someone from our team will call you back. You can also request an appt through our web portal at www.surgicaleyecenter.org. Dr.Uzma Naz sees patients on Tuesday 2 30pm-5 pm and Thursday 2 30 pm-5 pm at The Eye Center. All diagnostic services are available on site for the ease of uveitis patients.