A blocked tear duct can be very uncomfortable for several reasons. It can cause constant watering or frequent pus like discharge out of the inner corners of the eye.

There are several ways to treat a blocked tear duct. One of the procedures is aimed at restoring normal flow through the tear duct and in doing so relieving your symptoms. The procedure establishes a pathway or new connection from the lacrimal sac by opening a new passage from the lacrimal sac into the inside of the nose. This procedure does not alter a patients appearance and is not disfiguring in any way.

The procedure can be performed under different types of anaesthesia and is easily and well tolerated by patients. It permits patients to very rapidly return to all their regular activities.

The procedure is called dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR. An external DCR has a very high success rate of 90-95 percent.

If you or anyone you know suffer from constant tearing or watering in the eyes or frequent eye infections, please book an appointment at The Eye Center to evaluated by one of our experts.

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