In giant papillary conjunctivitis, (GPC) large bumps appear on the underside of the eyelid. The eyelid’s inside surface turns red, puffy, and inflamed. Your eyelid’s inner surface is incredibly smooth without GPC.

The risk of developing GPC is highest in those who wear contact lenses, particularly soft lenses. Even after years of contact lens use, GPC can occur at any time.

GPC can also affect people who do not wear contact lenses. The majority of persons who experience this, however, have artificial eyes or stitches.

Your eyelid’s interior first becomes rough, red, and swollen. Later, papillae or bumps, may appear and may enlarge the size of a pimple.

Some more GPC signs are having the impression that something is in your eye, red, painful, itchy eyes, enlarged or drooping eyelids excessive eye mucus causes blurry eyesight and having the feeling that your contact lens is moving when you blink. GPC seems to be caused by An allergy, either to contact lenses or the chemicals used to clean them. Contact lens wearers with asthma, hay fever, or other allergies are more likely to get GPC. A contact lens, artificial eye, or exposed stitches rubbing against the eyelid. Deposits of proteins or other substances on the contact lenses and Chronic eye allergies

You need to take care of GPC right away. If not, your cornea and eyelid could suffer significant harm. The cornea is the eye’s front, clean glass. You cannot see clearly if your cornea is injured.

Here are several GPC therapy alternatives. For a few weeks, avoid wearing contact lenses. This provides your eye’s inside some time to recuperate. Reduce the amount of time you spend wearing contacts every day. To lessen itching and swelling, use the eyedrops or cream that your ophthalmologist has recommended. You should change your contact lens brand. Do not use lens solutions that contain preservatives. Use unpreserved salt solutions instead.

Based on your situation, an ophthalmologist will talk to you about your treatment options.

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