The failure to maintain binocular function (keeping the two eyes working together) while working
up close is known as convergence insufficiency. When focused on a word or object at a close
distance, one eye will frequently turn outward (intermittent exotropia).
Headaches when reading and diplopia (double vision) are signs of convergence insufficiency. Many
patients will lament their inability to focus on close work (computer, reading, etc.), as well as how
the written words move and blur after extended hours of reading. When reading, patients may be
noted squint or one eye closed. Convergence insufficiency symptoms can vary, and not every
patient will experience every symptom.
Convergence exercises are frequently used to correct convergence insufficiency in children. An
orthoptist (a medical technician with specialized training in ocular muscle function and binocular
vision) or an ophthalmologist may recommend these exercises. Depending on the patient’s age and
the patient’s preferences, the appropriate treatment strategy will be chosen for each individual
Exercises to strengthen the convergence may result in a lasting cure for patients with convergence
insufficiency. Following convergence therapy, continuing near work usually aids in maintaining
proper convergence after treatment is discontinued. Convergence insufficiency symptoms can recur
following illness, sleep deprivation, or increasing near-work demands. If the initial course of
treatment was effective, a second round of treatment may also be effective at reducing reoccurring
However, some patients do not respond to exercises or prism glasses. In these cases, surgical
intervention may be suggested.
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