The Eye Center has the best eye specialists in Karachi, who along with a team of dedicated technicians provide patients with the most comprehensive medical and surgical eye care in Karachi.

We are fully capable of providing medical and surgical eye care to patients of any age, from premature babies, newborn babies, children and adults of all ages as well as patients with special needs. Dedicated, skillful, sincere, dignified care is important to extremely important to every member of our team and it is for this reason as well that our doctors are considered the best eye specialists of Karachi and are preferred by doctors and patients alike.

We provide general ophthalmology, laser vision correction, medical and surgical retina, uveitis care, complex vitreoretinal care, pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus or squint correction, corneal transplants, DALK, DLK, DSAEK, DMEK, all type of cornea, anterior segment and refractive surgery. We offer all options for cataract surgery with optimal and premier lens options including toric, trifocal or multifocal correction to help ensure safe and optimal recovery to excellent vision

While we pride ourselves on being considered amongst the best specialists in Karachi, we realize that we must continue to make every effort to continuously enhance our services. We work tirelessly with our medical and technical team to do so. We look forward to having an opportunity to take care of your family and you for all your eye care needs.

Please call us at 111-304-9544, 03028291799 or through our web portal at

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