Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a hereditary condition that affects the retina (the light-sensitive layer of tissue in the back of the eye). RP causes the retinal cells to gradually deteriorate over time, resulting in visual loss. Unfortunately, RP has no treatment options. However, people with RP can make the most of their vision with the help of visual aids and rehabilitation (training) programs to lead a fairly normal life.

Loss of night vision is the most common early sign of RP, typically beginning in childhood. Parents may observe that RP patients have difficulty navigating in the dark or adjusting to low light. Additionally, RP impairs peripheral (side) vision, making it difficult to see out of the corners of the eyes. The field of vision gradually constricts until only central vision (also called tunnel vision) is left. Some RP individuals experience vision loss more swiftly than others. Eventually those with RP lose both their peripheral and central vision. Other signs of RP include intolerance to bright light and loss of color vision.

RP is frequently brought on by modifications in the genes that govern the retinal cells. Parents pass on these altered genes to their offspring. RP is associated with numerous genes and is inherited in various ways. Hence, it is imperative that individuals with RP should get genetically tested and consult a health care professional to find out the chances of passing on the genes to their offspring.

 RP can also occur in conjunction with other genetic disorders, such as Usher syndrome characterized by visual and hearing impairment. Moreover, certain medications, infections and injuries can rarely result in RP like characteristics.

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