Glaucoma can be of many different types. Some types can be easier to treat than others. One of the more difficult to treat types of type of glaucoma is called uveitic glaucoma. Uveitic glaucoma is a common complication of uveitis or inflammation in the eyes, more specifically inflammation arising from the iris, ciliary body or choroid in the eye. Glaucoma affects almost 20% of patients with uveitis. Glaucoma is more commonly associated with anterior uveitis than posterior uveitis and is also associated with chronic forms of uveitis. Uveitis and complications or side effects of its treatment can lead itself to elevation of intraocular pressure and it is for this reason that liaison with a uveitis and a glaucoma specialist in the effective treatment of uveitis with or without glaucoma is critical. Both glaucoma and uveitis itself can be blinding diseases for the human eye and an appropriate diagnosis and treatment is essential for good outcomes to be ensured for a patient suffering from these diseases. At The Eye Center, our patients have the ability to see both our uveitis as well as our glaucoma specialists, so that they can benefit from the most comprehensive treatment for their uveitis and its related complications and help ensure prompt recovery and preservation of long term preservation of vision.

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At The Eye Center- Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah & Associates our team of eight ophthalmology sub-specialists and general ophthalmologist who are considered amongst the best eye specialists in Karachi and in Pakistan, have the diagnostic and treatment capabilities to treat from the simplest to the most complex patients. We work hard to provide our patients with the best possible of uveitis as well as glaucoma care offering the entire array of medical, laser and surgical treatments to help provide patients the best possible care in the most time efficient, safe and ethical manner.

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