Individuals suffering from thyroid disease may at times develop thyroid disease. Occasionally, symptoms of thyroid eye disease may be the precursor in diagnosing any underlying thyroid disease.

According to research, an autoimmune condition is the root cause of thyroid disease and thyroid eye disease. Immune system imbalance or recognition issue occurs. Our immune systems typically defend our bodies against pathogens like bacteria and viruses as well as aberrant cells like cancer. In thyroid eye disease, the muscles and adipose (fat) tissue around the eyes have an aberrant immunological response. Some thyroid eye disease patients experience eye symptoms despite having normal thyroid hormone levels.

Many different areas of the eye and adjacent tissues can be impacted by thyroid eye disease. Wet eyes and dry eyes can both occur in the same patient at different times due to inflamed lacrimal glands. This irritation can be relieved by using eyedrops or ointment as lubrication. The swelling in the eyelid and orbital tissues brought on by the aberrant immune response can give the appearance of puffy or “baggy” eyelids. Additionally, the area around the eyes may feel compressed as a result. Surgery can reduce the swelling and restore the shape of the lids to normal. In more severe situations, patients may also have double vision in addition to large or projecting eyes (like an intense gaze). As these symptoms can be very debilitating, it is important that they are promptly evaluated and managed by an ophthalmologist.

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