A universal periocular problem seen in the elderly is loose skin or eye bags above or below the eye-lids. This is the sagging of loose skin, which results due to repeated injury and aging which may further be exacerbated if the fat deposits that are naturally around the eye begin to protrude or herniate or bulge out. The overall looks this gives is the appearance of swelling around the eyes or very tired looking eyes.
The only solution to correct this condition is surgical, called “blepharoplasty”. Usually, both eyelids are involved. One may even have involvement of both the upper and lower lids simultaneously in one or both the eyes, sometimes asymmetric with one eyelid being more affected than the other.
Surgery involves marking of the amount of excessive sagging skin and planning surgical removal. If the peri-ocular fat is also protruding, the surgeon may need to explore the lax fat and reposition it to achieve an excellent and natural cosmetic result. After the surgery, the cosmetic correction achieved is excellent.

Author Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari
Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari is The Eye Center’s Consultant Ophthalmologist, Anterior Segment & Oculoplastic surgeon. She has expertise in Pediatric and Adult ophthalmology including cataract surgery, strabismus (squint) surgery, oculoplastics, aesthetic or cosmetic surgery and trauma repair. She is exceptionally well trained in a vast array of micro surgical ocular procedures, including phacoemulsification, cornea and refractive surgery as well as  other anterior segment surgeries including plastic surgery of the eyelids..
With a special interest in oculoplastics, she has clinical expertise in peri-ocular cosmesis, including Botox injections for upper face conditions such as frown lines, crows feet, hemifacial spasms. In addition she does a wide variety of plastic surgical procedures on the eyelid and surrounding the eye lid area with exceptional skill and expertise
Dr. Bokhari holds a Fellowship in Ophthalmology from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (United Kingdom).

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