Squint  or Strabismus (in-turned/out-turned eye) is a common problem. This may be seen in children and adults. In an adult who develops squint, it is important to rule out any neurological or vascular (diabetes, hypertension) cause. Your doctor will evaluate you and help arrive at the right diagnosis for you.
For any squint, both in adults and children, the doctor will have you evaluated by a specialized technician, to measure the angle of deviation. It is mandatory to first assess the visual status and the condition of the eye.

Once the type of squint is diagnosed, you will either be advised conservative management (spectacles, observation with regular follow ups) or surgical approach.Post surgery, you may experience a slight eye discomfort due to the sutures. But rest assured, these are absorbable sutures which dissolve with time. The doctor may also prescribe an eye ointment to keep you comfortable. Children and adults adapt well to the procedure with minimal discomfort.
The surgical results are assessed after surgery via measurements until both patient and doctor are completely satisfied.

Author Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari
Dr. S. Aisha Bokhari is The Eye Center’s Consultant Ophthalmologist, Anterior Segment & Oculoplastic surgeon. She has expertise in Pediatric and Adult ophthalmology including cataract surgery, strabismus (squint) surgery, oculoplastics, aesthetic or cosmetic surgery and trauma repair. She is exceptionally well trained in a vast array of micro surgical ocular procedures, including phacoemulsification, cornea and refractive surgery as well as  other anterior segment surgeries including plastic surgery of the eyelids..
With a special interest in oculoplastics, she has clinical expertise in peri-ocular cosmesis, including Botox injections for upper face conditions such as frown lines, crows feet, hemifacial spasms. In addition she does a wide variety of plastic surgical procedures on the eyelid and surrounding the eye lid area with exceptional skill and expertise
Dr. Bokhari holds a Fellowship in Ophthalmology from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow (United Kingdom).

To book an appointment with Dr. Aisha Bokhari or any of our eye specialists please contact us at 0302 8291799, 0304 1119544, 0300 8933377, 03000822218, 021 35836713 or contact us at our website at www.surgicaleyecenter.org

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