The best way to prepare for strabismus or squint surgery is to learn as much as you can and talk to your surgeon about any worries you might have. Here are a few queries you might think about posing to your physician:

1. Why exactly is strabismus surgery recommended in my situation? Find out from your doctor what is causing your strabismus or squint and how the surgery will help to repair your eyes’ alignment issues. You can better grasp the prospective advantages and results if you comprehend the surgery’s intended goal.

2. How will the surgery be carried out? Ask for a thorough explanation of the surgical procedure, including the methods and strategy that will be applied. Find out the sort of anaesthesia being used, how long the operation is estimated to take, and if it will be an inpatient or outpatient treatment.

3. What are the possible side effects and problems of strabismus surgery? Ask about any possible risks or side effects that might follow the procedure, including as infection, bleeding, double vision, over- or under-correction of the misalignment, or adjustments to how you perceive things. You may make an informed choice and be ready for the recovery time if you are aware of the hazards involved.

4. What are the anticipated results of the surgery for strabismus? Inquire with your surgeon about the expected enhancements in eye alignment and binocular vision following the procedure. Ask if it’s possible to improve eye coordination and look more attractive on the outside. Discuss any restrictions or the probable need for more therapies like vision therapy or additional operations.

5. How long does it take to recover and receive postoperative care? Learn about the guidelines for postoperative care, including how to use prescription eye drops or medications, what activities you can and can’t do, and how long it will take your eyes to heal and recover. Ask about the regularity of follow-up appointments as well as any symptoms or indicators that require emergency medical attention.

Keep in mind that these inquiries are only designed to be a starting point for your conversation with your doctor. Your doctor will address any questions you may have about your strabismus surgery or squint surgery, offer personalised responses based on your unique condition, go over the process in further depth, and address any concerns you may have. Take notes throughout the session to aid in your memory of key points and to share any new questions or worries you may have.

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