The Heidelberg SPECTRALIS OCT module is the ideal optical coherence tomography unit that allows high speed, ultra-high-resolution images to be captured and analyzed in a variety of diseases that affect the optic nerve and the retina. This makes the test easy for the patient enabling definitive results to be made available to the doctor immediately for explanation and decision making while our patients are still in the clinic for their appointments.

The SPECTRALIS comes with its own imaging platform that has specialized hardware and software options that permit complex imaging of the posterior segment including vitreous, retina, optic nerve and choroid.

In addition to the enhanced retinal imaging our Heidelberg SPECTRALIS unit houses the Glaucoma Module premium Edition (GMPE) which permits a very detailed analysis of the optic nerve, nerve fiber layer and the macular ganglion cell complex. The basement membrane opening is reliably identified which helps in the determination of real disease at its earliest stages. This early detection as well as early detect of worsening or change leads to unequivocally better patient outcomes.

Our SPECTRALIS unit allows us to image in high density and permits a broader wide field view in addition to standard images. Our examination rooms are equipped with the ability for the images to be viewed and discussed with our patients. Images that have been previously acquired for our patients are also available and backed up regularly permitting seamless clinical care.

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