There are several types of macular degeneration. In the more serious type of macular degeration often called “wet macular degeneration”, injections are given directly to the eye to stop abnormal blood vessels from growing or leaking inside the eye. Left untreated, these abnormal blood vessels result in  patients experiencing irreversible visual field loss. Although the thought of receiving medication via an injection to the eye is frightening for many patients, the injections are a nearly painless and extremely safe procedure. These medications called anti-VEGF medications are not experimental forms of treatment. They have been in use worldwide and are approved for use in macular degeneration. They work extremely well and ensure that the best possible chance is given to patients with macular degeneration in helping  preserve their vision over a lifetime. 

The Eye Center has the most sophisticated technology to diagnose macular degeration even at its earliest stages and the clinical expertise to treat patients to help them safeguard their vision. 

Macular degeneration affects many individuals. If you are experiencing difficulty with your vision particularly in reading things up close despite the use of spectacles, if you find dark non moving spots in your vision  or straight lines appear broken or crooked to you,  please call and make an appointment to see us. 

Help us help you safeguard your vision. 

If you or someone known to you needs corneal transplant surgery, please call the Eye Center and book an appointment  to see one of our specialists.

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