The human cornea is a clear, transparent, dome shaped structure at the front of the eye that allows light to pass through while bending it and in so doing helping it come to a crisp focus on the retina. 

Individuals who for a host of reasons, either due to inborn disease,  chemical injury to the eyes, serious infections of the eye or trauma can experience loss of clarity in their vision due to a hazy, diseased or “ swollen” cornea. 

Help for these patients is available in the form of corneal transplants in which a human cornea that has been donated is checked and cleared for the presence of any possible infections is procured by a certified eye bank and transplanted into the patients eye by their treating eye surgeon. 

This transplanted cornea does not change either the appearance of the patient receiving the corneal transplant but allows them to see clearly once again.  Corneal transplant patients do not require immunosuppressive medications that are given to patients receiving other types of transplants. 

Corneal transplant surgery is done as outpatient eye surgery and patients need to be admitted to the hospital only for a few hours after which they are sent home. Corneal transplantation is one of the most successful  form of human organ transplants.  

The Eye Center has expert cornea specialists who have extensive experience over 25 years in this type of surgery and evidence of excellent surgical results. 

If you or someone known to you needs corneal transplant surgery, please call the Eye Center and book an appointment  to see one of our cornea specialists.

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