There has been enormous advancement in cataract surgery, particularly with respect to the types of intraocular lenses that are now available for use for patients to help them see sharper, clearer and better. These includes, monofocals, trifocals, multifocals, toric, extended depth of focus ( EDOF) lenses all geared to accomplish different visual outcomes and results. At The Eye Center, we offer our patients a wide array of the top-quality lenses manufactured in the United States and in Germany. These lenses are recognized and used for patients by the best and most experienced eye surgeons worldwide. The choice of which lens to place in the eye after cataract surgery and its power needed for a particular patient, is a complex clinical decision that must be optimized for each individual patient by the operating eye surgeon. Sometimes one or two diagnostic tests are used such as an A scan. At other times more complex testing is required which includes OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography) and Corneal Topography (Pentacam). Our decision making is shared with our patienst and their families to give them comfort and peace of mind. At The Eye Center, our patients can rest assured, that no matter how complex or simple their problem, our eight dedicated and experienced eye specialists have both the experience, skill, diagnostic and surgical equipment to provide our patients the best cataract surgery in the city.

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