The human eye is one of the most complex organs within the human body. While the eye itself is small in size within the human eye there are hundreds of thousands of different diseases that can affect the normal functioning of the eye and also, if left unattended, lead to varying degrees of loss in vision.

It is for this reason, that it is critically important, that a patient is seen and diagnosed appropriately so that a correct diagnosis is made and the correct and optimal treatment of action is initiated without any unnecessary delay. At The Eye Center, we have the leading eye specialists and eye surgeons within the city of Karachi, practicing together as a group, and who pool their expertise, to provide the best possible care to patients who suffer from various diseases in of the eye. In addition to our expertise as clinicians we also offer our patients the most advanced diagnostic capabilities present within the city.

We offer virtually every area of sub-specialty within ophthalmology including routine and complex cataract surgery using monofocal multifocal and toric intraocular lenses. We also offer expertise for a full range of Lasik and other refractive procedures to allow patients to see clearly without the use of spectacles. We offer both pediatric as well as adult ophthalmology services in almost all special subspecialties within ophthalmology. Our areas of expertise in eye care include cataract and refractive surgery, cornea and external disease, medical and surgical glaucoma, medical and surgical retina, uveitis, strabismus and squint, retinopathy of prematurity, pediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastic, cosmetic procedures around the eyelids, and general ophthalmology. We feel privileged to provide excellent eye care services, both medical and surgical for children as well as adults.

Our doctors strive to make every effort, to provide the best possible and most up-to-date care for our patients. We respect and appreciate the trust our patients and their families place in us at The Eye Center and work every day to provide the best possible medical and surgical options for our patients in a safe and comfortable environment. Especially within the pandemic it has been becoming critical to examine patients in a safe environment keeping hygiene and patient safety as top priority using Covid guidelines. Attending to the flow of patients within the clinic as well as our surgical operating rooms is a priority for each one of us at The Eye Center. To this end, all our staff including our doctors, front desk, administrative team members as well as all our technicians are fully vaccinated and fully aware and respectful of the special protocols being instituted to keep our patients safe both for their routine as well as their complex eye care. Should you or anyone you know need either routine or complex eye care please call or telephone numbers to set up an appointment. Our front desk will be able to guide you to the best possible person that you need to see within our group for maintaining your eye heath or for the treatment of routine or complex eye problems.

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