Glaucoma is a complex disease.  It requires an ophthalmologist who is especially trained and skilled in the medical and surgical care of glaucoma, which is known as the completion of a formal glaucoma fellowship. This advanced training which takes places after completion of a 4 to 5 year training program of training in ophthalmology is an intensive course of training which gives a eye specialist the specialised ability to treat simple and complex glaucoma across all ages from paediatric, adolescents to adult patients with ease. A glaucoma specialist keeps up with all the research and developments that are occurring in glaucoma all over the world, understands the fine but extremely important differences in options required by patients and offers the best available glaucoma care to his or her patients

At the Eye Center, Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah is our Head of our Division of  Glaucoma. We offer our patients the most advanced glaucoma diagnostic machines, lasers and surgical facilities in Karachi, Pakistan.  Dr. Mahnaz attended medical school in the United States, and subsequently completed both a residency and a full medical and  surgical fellowship in Glaucoma amd Anterior Segment Surgery in  the United States. Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah has extensive experience in treating glaucoma patients over the past 20 years in Pakistan and prior to this in the United States. Dr. Mahnaz is the only member in Pakistan of the American Glaucoma Association. She is licensed to practice as an eye specialist in both the United States and in Pakistan. She is American board certified amd travels regularly and extensively to participate in conferences, academic activities and continues to adopt the newest techniques in glaucoma medical and surgical care. Dr. Mahnaz is deeply passionate and dedicated to the care of her patients. 

To make an appointment to see Dr. Mahnaz Naveed Shah at +0304 111  9544, +0302 8291799, 03008933377 and +92 300 0822218 or visit through the appointment portal on our website at

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